AquaCat is a 16-bit platformer, where you control Aqua the octopus cat, who arrives at a mysterious tropical island to learn more about his origin. This is the demo for my first game project (which is still a work in progress). Use the arrow keys to move, A or up arrow to jump, S to run, and D to shoot. The game works with touch screen controls if played on a mobile device.


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Love it

Thank you for making such a cute and amazing game. I'm not very good at platformers, but how far I got on the First level  This was amazing. and it's free! All I had to do was search up 16 bit platformers. Thanks for such an amazing game.

Thank you for trying my game out!

Great, light-hearted gameplay that put a smile on my face. Reminds me a little of Wonder Boy with its old-school charm.  Looking forward to this game's development!

Thank you so much!

wow this is so great and cute ^///^ awesome job :D

Thank you!!!