AquaCat is a 16-bit platformer, where you control Aqua the Aquacat, who arrives at a mysterious tropical island to learn more about his origin. This is the demo for my first game project, which started development in March of 2018. Use the arrow keys to move, Z to jump and X to shoot. The game works with touch screens and gamepads as well. Press F for fullscreen.

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Looks good!

Thank you!

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I have to say, I'm not a fan of one-hit-wonders in video games. Otherwise it looks cool.

Awesome game! I did find a bug. I fell into the first pit and I could keep running and shooting but under the world. I could hear the shots but couldn't see the character. I believe it was the way I fell, against the right wall and I repeatedly jumped as I fell.

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Which stage? I've encountered that  issue 1-2 times,  but I  have  a hard time trying to replicate it. I'll be sure to look out for the issue so it may be fixed!


stage 1

Love it

Thank you for making such a cute and amazing game. I'm not very good at platformers, but how far I got on the First level  This was amazing. and it's free! All I had to do was search up 16 bit platformers. Thanks for such an amazing game.

Thank you for trying my game out!

Great, light-hearted gameplay that put a smile on my face. Reminds me a little of Wonder Boy with its old-school charm.  Looking forward to this game's development!

Thank you so much!

wow this is so great and cute ^///^ awesome job :D

Thank you!!!